Preparing Your Expert Witness for Cross-Examination

Preparing an expert witness for cross-examination is a critical aspect of ensuring their testimony effectively supports your case. In this workshop you will learn how to prepare an expert witness, how to ensure they fully understand the case, how to manage their expectations, and how to avoid your expert imploding at the hearing.

The workshop will feature a mock interview with an expert witness and a mock cross-examination of your own expert.

Carol Hitchman Sprigings Intellectual Property Law (Toronto)
Patrick Smith Seastone IP (Calgary)

Pre-registration required / Limited Seating
Additional fee applicable – Member: $99 + HST / Non Member: $199 + HST  


Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
360 Albert Street, Suite 550
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X7 Canada
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Institut de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada
360, rue Albert, bureau 550
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X7 Canada
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