Tina Truszyk

Tina Truszyk is the Brand Manager for Ontario VQA Wines at Andrew Peller Ltd. Andrew Peller Ltd is a Canada-based company, which produces and markets wine and wine related products. The Company’s brands include Wayne Gretzky, Peller Estates French Cross, Hochtaler, Domaine D’Or, with wineries in British Columbia, Niagara, and Nova Scotia. Tina’s portfolio includes Peller Estates, Trius, and Thirty Bench, and is responsible for developing marketing strategies that deliver brand health and profitability. Prior to joining Andrew Peller, she served at the LCBO for 13 years, notably as the Director, Integrated Marketing since 2007, where she spearheaded integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns, delivering on the LCBO brand. Tina holds a Bachelors degree in Administration Studies from York University. She lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake with her husband and two children.

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